Food Technology

Crop Circles use less water, less land and grow twice the food in any climate, anywhere

Food Technology - Crop Circles

Patented and trademarked in over 40 countries, Crop Circles is a new farm food growing technology set to disrupt global agriculture. The current corporate farm with chemical food production & delivery system is a significant contributor to climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution and water shortages as well as preventable disease and poverty. Crop Circles use less water, less land and grow twice the food in half the time in any climate, anywhere. Over a thousand plants can be grown in a 30-foot circle. Plants germinate in half the time and grow quickly under our patented germination cloth. Crop Circles can be replanted; cycled several times depending on plant type and length of season. Water dispersed underneath the plant canopy from the center virtually eliminates many of the waterborne diseases common with above spray agriculture and plants grow evenly creating bountiful, balanced, beautiful harvests. Crop Circle technology is entirely scalable; from one to several thousand if needed. Unlike typical farming methods in practice today, Crop Circles use spot applications of water, soil and fertilizers to grow more vegetables, herbs and flowers saving precious resources, time and money. Crop Circle controlled agriculture grows bigger, better tasting vegetables packed with essential nutrients missing from most of the commercial market vegetables sold today.

We receive many inquiries for help in third world. Most are from NGO’s but some are from individuals that just want to help. Contact us if you are interested in lending a hand. Donations always help, but there is a need for labor and expertise as well. Perhaps you would like to donate your time and help install a Crop Circle farm halfway across the world where it is needed most or offer your experience in some other way.