Food Control

small farms are disappearing - those that remain struggle to remain profitable

Food Control

Traditional farming is threatened by large corporate interests all over the world and unfortunately for small farms, it’s the larger farms owned and operated by agribusiness that have been making most of the money for the past 40 years. This type of food control has caused many farms across the country and indeed around the world to disappear. This shift to large corporate farms has left many smaller farmers unable to earn a living doing something they were born to do – run the family farm. These days, income from small farms in America averages just $10,000 annually, forcing many farmers to supplement their income with a full or part time job to survive. Unfortunately, many give up and sell the farm outright to larger interests.

The Push Back Against Agribusiness

If we are going to save the family farm and support community agriculture, new and innovative farming technologies must be developed. The good news is there has been a “breakthrough” development in food growing technology that will greatly benefit even the smallest farms with the least amount of land: a technology that grows more food in less space.

Crop Circles

Patented and trademarked in over 40 countries, Crop Circles is a “new farm” food growing technology set to disrupt global agriculture. The current corporate farm with chemical food production & delivery system is a significant contributor to climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution and water shortages as well as preventable disease and poverty. Crop Circles use less water, less land and grow twice the food in half the time in any climate, anywhere.